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Florens, -ēntis

adj: blooming, flourishing, thriving

Latin adjective which is also the root name for Florentia (Firenze, Florence),

the city that globally symbolizes Renaissance art and the oldest tradition of ethnobotany:

the discipline of using plants as part of popular traditions in different civilizations

Florens Cosmetics is the essence of Mediterranean botanic traditions, its smells and its colours.


Florens Cosmetics offers a new vision towards beauty, inspired by the richness of naturally sourced products from Italy. Our spa-inspired skincare range is designed to bring balance to mind and body and allowing beauty to glow from within. Products are carefully sourced and manufactured in small batches in our labs, honouring the true scents and fragrance of our ingredients. People who use Florens cosmetics consistently experience noticeable results in preventing the signs of premature ageing.


Our skincare line is enriched with bioactive ingredients which are sourced and obtained from nature, using a similar philosophy and approach of the Phytotherapy.

Our spa-inspired line is studied and made with a combination of active ingredients which can reach the deepest levels of the epidermis and can work in a harmonious way with the skin providing support so that the skin remains alive and stimulated to repair itself from within at a cellular level.

Our collection is a line of natural products which conforms to the needs of a growing customer base more oriented on highly effective and sophisticated products with principal actives that are not originated from chemical synthesis.

Since ancient times, the world of nature offers effective remedies for our health and scientific research has been able to extract principal actives from plants which are essential for our wellness. Florens Cosmetics intends to create high effectiveness products, as a result of research which represents the fusion between the scientific approach and the natural cosmetic tradition.


Florens Cosmetics wants to create high-quality products creating a fusion between the scientific approach and the traditional natural cosmesis. 

We only use pure natural elements with high efficacy to keep a youthful skin and fight the signs of time, like pure Argan Oil from the Tamar Berber zone, Shea Butter  from the seeds of the Vitellaria Paradoxa with Oils obtained from native Italian plants such as the Gargano Olive Oil , the Sweet Almond Oil from Tuscany and flower extracts like the White LilyIris Florentina, Neroli, Royal Jelly which are added, with an energetic cocktail principal active such as Hyaluronic Acid, essential for elasticity, hydration and firmness of the skin, Amino acids which stimulate the Fibroblasts helping the production of Collagen: key element to keep a compact skin, Retinol (vitamin A) and Ceramides fundamental for the vitality and the firmness of the skin and, in the end, Precious Black Caviar, antioxidant, firming and deeply nourishing.


Florens was born of the desire to create products that are natural, this not only benefits the clients and the therapists but is also of extreme importance to our environment.

All ingredients used by Florens are natural and even where chemicals are used in our lab processes, all impact on the environment is minimised.

We are also committed to our therapists who use our products and strive to provide a healthy and happy environment with all around.



Florens Cosmetics has always focused on R&D and production flexibility. Any possible tailor-made request will be fulfilled with the highest level of personalization, innovation and exclusivity.

Professionalism and quality control: our assets.

It’s Florens.

“The beauty shines in the heart of one who aspires to it than in the eyes of the beholder. The appearance of things changes in accordance to emotions thus we give magic and beauty to them; but in reality, magic and beauty are within ourselves”

Kahlil Gibran

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